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Accuracy in Culinary Calculations Workbook


Breeding and Associates RD Exam Education Resources introduces “Accuracy in Culinary Calculations Workbook”.

• Exercises and calculations designed to offer additional support related to the RD Exam Domain of Foodservice Systems with Menu Planning, Procurement, Production, Distribution and Service.

• Designed to strengthen skills related to calculating culinary yield percent; edible portion costs; recipe costs; beverage costs; purchasing costs; and recipe yields.

• All Questions and Sample calculations are followed by Answer Keys and Rationale.

• Included is an overview of math basics, including fractions, decimals, rounding, and percentages, as well as an overview of customary U.S. and metric kitchen measurements.


• Do not miss out on the opportunity to offer this resource to students preparing for the RD exam.

Price after April 15, 2016 will be $49.95 plus shipping.


A pdf workbook version/format is also available at the same rate (no shipping charges will apply)