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Breeding’s color coded FLASHCARDS are the best. Hands Down!  They kept me on target and highly organize when it came to learning the different domains.  In addition to other study materials, Breeding’s FLASHCARDS were a key to my success of my passing the RD exam!  The most exciting news is I still review them even now as a RD! I highly recommend them….they are a good investment!  HAPPY STUDYING!! -- Charmaine Jones, RDN LDN -- Washington, DC

Accuracy in Culinary Calculations Workbook


Breeding and Associates RD Exam Education Resources introduces “Accuracy in Culinary Calculations Workbook”.

• Exercises and calculations designed to offer additional support related to the RD Exam Domain of Foodservice Systems with Menu Planning, Procurement, Production, Distribution and Service.

• Designed to strengthen skills related to calculating culinary yield percent; edible portion costs; recipe costs; beverage costs; purchasing costs; and recipe yields.

• All Questions and Sample calculations are followed by Answer Keys and Rationale.

• Included is an overview of math basics, including fractions, decimals, rounding, and percentages, as well as an overview of customary U.S. and metric kitchen measurements.


• Do not miss out on the opportunity to offer this resource to students preparing for the RD exam.

Price after April 15, 2016 will be $49.95 plus shipping.


A pdf workbook version/format is also available at the same rate (no shipping charges will apply)